A kayak stabilizer is a bracket as well as a series of floats that can stand on either side of a kayak to improve its stability in the water. These devices can be particularly important if you plan on taking your kayak into open water or performing activities like fishing out in the water. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using a kayak stabilizer:

It’s easy to set up: with a kayak stabilizer that’s adjustable you may need to only put a view clamps onto your kayak to get it set up with the stabilizer in the water. With a simple set up you might take just a few extra minutes at the dock but have increased comfort out in the water.

You can take on more challenges: rougher water and larger waves are much easier to deal with when stabilizers are applied. Putting stabilizers on can be a great idea before heading out into a local lake or taking on a river that has a few sets of rapids. Stabilizers can really improve your comfort in the kayak and prevent it from tipping.

You can stand up: standing up in a kayak is very difficult without stabilizers but by setting the stabilizers far out from the hull of the kayak it’s possible for you to enjoy standing up to enjoy activities like fishing, stretching your legs and more.

Boarding and getting out: if you regularly board your kayak in the water or on the dock it’s much easier to get into your kayak with the help of stabilizers. Without risking the chance that you could potentially go into the water, you can get into your kayak and be ready to set out with much more stability. Stepping out of your kayak onto a dock or without flipping yourself out also becomes so much easier were stabilizers.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind and more for using kayak stabilizers.