Kayak outriggers are attachable floats that can be placed on almost any type of kayak to stabilize the craft while it is out in the open water. Outriggers resembled to swing arms that contain floats or pontoons and they can work to essentially widen the hull so that it can be much more stable in the water. If you are regularly uncomfortable in a kayak and you feel as though you may tip quite often, kayak outriggers or stabilizers can help you to have a base hull for a vessel that you could even potentially stand up in. Kayak outriggers take their inspiration first from Outrigger canoes. The latest in kayak outriggers can be applied using just a few wing nuts or clamps and setup of these outriggers for kayak outfitting often takes just a few minutes at a time. This can be a huge asset to anyone that regularly goes out in their kayak in open water, tries fishing in their kayak and other activities which can be seen as quite difficult when you are out in rough waters. Kayak outriggers can often attach to the sides of the skirt area in a kayak or simply clamp onto the sides of a kayak with adjustable swing arms. Mounting hardware varies from Outrigger type to outrigger type but they’re mostly all designed for durability in the open water. With an adjustable outrigger that fits on both canoes and kayaks you can have extensive versatility if you own several boats. Outriggers can be a massive help if you regularly spend time out on the water or if you have kayaks that are suited to multiple paddlers. If you are interested in making your kayak a more versatile vessel you should strongly consider the idea of picking up kayak outriggers today.