The Bold Ivy Canoe stabilizer flow packages are designed to improve safety and comfort out on the water. These items are made entirely of lightweight polyurethane plastic as well as durable aluminum frames. The overall stabilizers designed to be extremely durable as well as quite lightweight for use with a variety of different canoes and boats. The standard Bold Ivy Canoe stabilizer is designed with a 20 inch diameter on each arm. This can accommodate a standard size kayak as well as many types of canoes. The way that the stabilizer works is by putting polyurethane floats on either side of the stabilizing arm. The arm and clamps to the sides of the canoe keeping it in place and balanced on the water. In a way these floats increase the whole size of the canoe to make it much more stable in open water, through rapids as well as during boarding and paddling. With these in place you may even feel comfortable enough to stand up in the canoe without it feeling tippy at all! Floater arms telescope out to the desired width and then clamp onto the side of the canoe for easy set up. You can be up and running with the Bold Ivy Canoe stabilizer in just a matter of minutes and it really doesn’t make a big difference in the form of performance for your canoe either. With a hydrodynamic designed for minimal drag the floats glide through the water without weighing down the canoe at all. Locking cam lever arms also allow for easy adjustment so that the floats can be spaced out to avoid paddle hits. First island matching your canoe you can also get the floats in colors ranging from red, to yellow and grey. Whether you want a low profile float or something that directly matches your boat, there are plenty options to suit your needs!