bold ivy has a story to tell

Bold Ivy began with a simple goal – allow anyone the access to freely enjoy canoeing or kayaking. There are a myriad of reasons to love the outdoors, and our story begins with our passion for the water and the idea that we can take something and offer a better experience for those that seek it out.

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a mission to make the best canoe stabilizer and kayak stabilizer

When Bold Ivy was first created, we had a simple mission: make the best canoe stabilizer and kayak stabilizer. As time went on, our mission evolved. It’s not good enough to make a great product, we also need to be a great company. We need to care about the environment. We need to care about our employees. But most importantly, we need to care about our customers. Everyday, we do all of those things.

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Before Bold Ivy could manufacturer a single canoe stabilizer or kayak stabilizer part, it took hundreds of hours of thought before finalizing the perfect design. From there, molds needed to be manufactured, prototypes created, prototypes tested, more prototypes, and finally production. A lot of work for a canoe stabilizer, but we think you’ll find it worth it.

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“Me and my sis love canoeing but hate how wobbly they are. Bold Ivy has helped a lot with easing some stress while out on the water.”

Amanda C.

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